How the Y Strap Decompression Adjustment Works for Spinal Pain

Why Decompression is Needed

Decompression is a necessary part of life, and it’s not just for people with back pain.

In fact, decompression is necessary for all of us because we spend so much time sitting in chairs, standing for hours at a time as well as working out and certain exercises have a tendency to create stress and tension throughout the spine and body. This can put pressure on the spine and discs in your back. Over time, this repeated pressure can lead to pain and injuries that cause discomfort or even prevent you from doing normal activities like going out with friends and playing sports. The Y Strap Adjustment helps relieve this pressure by allowing you to move more efficiently without pressure and tension that continues to build around your spinal regions.

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The Y Strap is designed to help assist decompression of the Y axis of the spine which is different than your typical chiropractic adjustment. 

How to Decompress Your Spine at Home

  • Hang from a secure chin up bar or squat rack either with your hands or hang from your knees. Can be difficult for most.

  • Downward dog yoga poses or child poses

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Here at Glenwood Chiropractic, we feel that one of the most direct and efficient ways to help decompress tight spinal regions of the spine can be the Y Strap Decompression for many.


Y Strap can help decompress your spine

Decompression is a great way to help relieve back pain and increase mobility in the spine. It's also an effective treatment for reducing stress and tension in the joints of your body.

Decompression therapy has many benefits when it comes to easing pain caused by spinal misalignment or other injuries sustained during exercise, excessive sitting or improper movements. Whether you want to treat chronic issues or simply maintain good health, keeping your spine healthy is important—and that's where the Y strap decompression adjustment can help. 

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